The Location

The flat is located at a comfy spot in Dlhe Diely, a part of the Karlova Ves district of Bratislava. The high altitude of the residential building offers a fantastic view over the city of Bratislava, the Karlova Ves district, the Danube River and the peacful Austrian Landscapes. During clear weather, the city of Vienna can be seen in the distance uncovering the full beauty of the views offered by this unique location.

Dlhe Diely is a calm, safe and comfortable part of the Karlova Ves district. It is a very clean and green area of the city with many green areas placed practically at every street corner. Dlhe Diely offers many play areas for children and for pets. You will find many shops offering you services of any type. If you are into jogging or biking, the Devin bike path is easily accessible at 5 minutes from home at the bottom of the hill following the river. You can take a look at the many more features this district offers:

A lot of shops are situated near the flat’s location, from small express shops to big supermarkets, you will definitely find essential supplements just a few steps away from home.

Small shops

  • Tesco Express (2 minutes walk)
  • DM Drugmarket (3 minutes walk)


  • Billa (2 minutes walk)
  • Terno (2 minutes walk)
  • Lidl (10 minutes walk or 5 minutes trip by public transport)


  • Slovenska Sporitelna (Ground floor of building)
  • VUB Banka (4 minutes walk)
  • Postova Banka (4 minutes walk)
  • CSOB Banka (2 minutes walk)


  • 32 (Kuklovska – Hlavna Stanica)
  • 133 (Kuklovska – Nove SND)


  • 33 (Kuklovska – Molecova)


Northern access (Main entrance) and southern access (Garage entrance) by the Hany Melickovej main road.

Playgrounds and green areas

  • Playground on top of Terno Plus Supermarket (2 minutes walk)
  • Playground in nearby park (with dog playground) (2 minutes walk)
  • Playground at Vodarenske Museum (10 minutes walk)