The Flat

A total area of 144 m²

The flat is situated on the Western side on the 17th floor of the building with windows facing North, West and South.

110 m² of interior featuring:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1 Living-room with Kitchen
  • 1 Bathroom with separated toilet
  • 1 Closet
  • 1 Long corridor

34 m² of exterior featuring:

  • 25 m² open terrace facing North
  • 9 m² roofed balcony facing South

3 bedrooms and much more

The Living Room & Kitchen

The Kitchen is integrated with the living room as most flats are built this way in Europe and offers enough outlets for installing ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, fridges and many other appliances in comfort and serenity.

The living room offers enough room for a dining table, a sitting area and entertainment area without taking out too much space. The living room faces West and South and offers direct access to the balcony.

The 3 Bedrooms

The flat has 3 bedrooms of various sizes. The largest bedroom has two sets of windows facing West and North. The smallest bedroom has a window facing North. The third bedroom, while facing North offers direct access to the open roof Terrace with the view on Bratislava city.

The Entrance & Corridor

A long corridor connects all the rooms of the entire flat. Fitted with a high quality tiled surfaced, the corridor brings warmth to the flat and connects to the other parts of the flat in harmony.

The Bathroom

The bathroom and the toilet are located in individual rooms. The main bathroom contains a full size bathtub, a bathroom heating rack, a sink and outlets for a washing machine.

The closet

A small 4m² closet can be accessed at the end of the first part of the corridor.

The Balcony

The balcony, located on the southern part of the flat, offers a year-round beautiful view on the Austrian Landscapes and the Danube River. The balcony can be easily accessed through the living room.

The Terrace

The terrace, located on the northern side of the flat, offers a grand 24m of open air surface suitable for any type of peaceful outdoor activities with great views on the district and the city of Bratislava.

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