The Building

The Oberon Building

The building is the second finished construction of the Oberon complex, which includes another neighboring tower. Both towers were built by the IPEC group and completed by 2009 in separate construction deadlines.

The 19 story building has 2 elevator shafts and 2 staircases. There are two underground floors connecting the building with a covered garage. The garage has an open-top floor and 4 covered parking floors below.

The building houses several apartments and offices (which can be refitted as small apartments) on each floor with windows on each side and balconies and / or terraces available in most apartments.

The Garage

There are two parking spots included in the offer, which are placed next to each other underground in a covered garage. The total area of 28 m² offers plenty of parking space for even the largest vehicles. The maximum height of the vehicle may be 2.10 m.

The garage is equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors that warn car owners in case of dangerous vapors.

The Interior

The building has secured entrances and exits by badge or dial-code. A demo-phone is available at the main entrance, if necessary. Video surveillance has been installed at all entrances and exits to ensure maximum security. All the doors are built to protect residents from fires.

The Cellars

The cellars/lockers are located in the underground floors of the building and are enclosed in fireproof areas.

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